Moving text (and image) into e-space (2)

What are the effects — good and bad — of transforming the printed text, with its familiar strengths, comforts, and weaknesses, into electronic, computer-based text? What advantages can one get by turning a printed book into a form of text that is virtual?

Characteristic Advantage Disadvantage
infinitely variable
text can be continually up-dated, corrected, and improved
text loses fixity
same basic text can have additional readers and uses
effort must be expended to preserve original main text for certain purposes
readers can enter at any point when they need specific information
author loses some control;
readers who arrive at formerly unconventional points need to be oriented
capable of being "processed"
text can searched, analyzed, formulated on demand, or integrated with animation and suimulation
preserving integrity of text difficult
capable of being infinitely duplicated
far larger audiences at no cost
too many texts
capable of being moved about rapidly
education, ease, low cost access to many readers; new forms of business, arts, and scholarship
Material not on the internet tends to be forgotten. Our notions of necessary speed change.
becomes location independent
value not location counts:
Singapore can become a major node in a centerless network
potential loss of cultural or communnity cohesion

Electronic media allows hypermedia