Victorian Web

This scholarly and educational website, which more than two dozen organizations have honored, contains 105,000 documents — some entire book chapters — on Victorian art, architecture, and design, economics, gender matters, literature, political and social history, religion, and science and technology. Leading publishers send books to the site to be reviewed, and major museums and galleries have shared thousands of images and related material with us. The University of Computense Madrid has thus far translated several thousand documents into Spanish, and a French group has begun translating the Ruskin section.

Cyberspace Web

This website has sections on the following: new media in the context of the history of information technology, literary and new media theory, hypertext fiction and non-fiction, and discussions about cyborgs and about cyberpunk scifi in fiction, cinema, and television. It consists largely of elaborate student projects, some containing several hundred documents and images. If you want to know how the new reading and writing are taking form, have a look.

G.P. Landow On-line Resume

George P. Landow's on-line resume, which contains the usual materials found in a curriculum vitae plus lists of past and coming lectures and electronic versions of his books and other print publications.

G.P. Landow On-line Resume

Landow's Miniature Worlds. Take a look at two mythical Rhode Island railroads — The Albion Pawtuxet & Gallilee Railroad and The Glanville Lumber Company — and other kinds of tiny simulacra.